Meet our dedicated Partners, who complement RMG Housing’s mission to create homes for people who need them.

RMG Housing: Leading the Way in Housing Innovation

In a rapidly changing housing landscape, RMG Housing stands out. Transitioning from market-rate projects, we’ve set our sights on a more vital mission – addressing the escalating housing crisis in California. Impact equity like that from the SDS Supportive Housing Fund plays a pivotal role in this endeavor, deploying up to $190 million of its capital towards our Permanent Supportive Housing projects. We also work with private equity sources and public agencies to develop affordable workforce housing. We aim to reshape the very fabric of community living, ensuring that every Californian has a roof over their head.

Builder Partner

TRG Construction serves as RMG’s primary construction partner for all supportive housing projects throughout California. Tim Roth, RMG’s co-founder, leads an experienced team of skilled professionals who employ cutting-edge building technologies and cost-saving approaches. TRG’s mission of creating homes for people who need them perfectly aligns with RMG’s goals.

Service Partners

RMG currently collaborates with four highly-effective homeless service providers:


Established in 1987, HOPICS serves 4,000+ individuals and families, focusing on housing, mental health, substance recovery, and economic self-sufficiency.


Has aided 190,000+ marginalized individuals in Los Angeles, offering medical, behavioral, and quality of life services.

Shelter Inc

Annually aids 2,600+ families and individuals in California’s Bay Area, focusing on housing, support, and essential resources.

The People Concern

Among LA’s largest social service entities, it offers PSH services to 2,000+ and diverse support, including meals and eviction prevention, to thousands.

Capital Partner

The SDS Supportive Housing Fund is Integral to RMG's Supportive Housing Development

The SDS Supportive Housing Fund (SHF) was established exclusively for the purpose of funding RMG’s supportive housing development programs. With $190 million of equity, SHF’s partnership with RMG is expected to result in the development of 2,500+ supportive housing units by 2027. As an impact fund, SHF’s mission and financial goals align with RMGs resulting in a successful collaborative partnership.

Property Management Partner

HDSI Management was established in 1989 for the sole purpose of providing property management services for affordable housing and supportive housing residents. HDSI’s founder, Noel Sweitzer, Has been actively engaged in affordable housing property management for over four decades. HDSI has managed thousands of units of publicly-financed housing.

Managing General Partner

Decro Corporation serves as RMG’s non-profit managing general partner on RMG’s supportive housing projects. RMG and Decro share a common mission to develop and create housing opportunities for vulnerable people. Decro has over three decades of experience in affordable housing development and is expert in navigating the formalities of public sector development.

Public Sector Collaboration

In our mission-driven model, RMG collaborates extensively with public sector entities. These partnerships fortify our efforts to address the increasing homeless crisis in California.

Faith-Based Partnerships & Community Ties

In Los Angeles, local African-American churches are critical partners in many of our projects. By collaborating with them and Logos Faith Development, we ensure community-centric housing models. Churches benefit by monetizing their underutilized lands, bolstering their financial health and reinvesting in the community by providing desperately needed affordable housing for their constituents.

Highlighted Churches:
"Bethel LA sees this partnership as a golden opportunity to extend help within our community." – Pastor Calloway

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