RMG Housing is revitalizing California’s urban communities by creating 10,000 units of workforce, affordable and supportive housing by 2033.

“Simply put, everyone needs a home and we make that happen.”

– Mo Zahwari, Co-Founder | RMG

Who we are

We are dedicated to housing solutions for communities struggling to meet their housing needs.

Founded on the principles of compassion, integrity, and a vision for a brighter tomorrow, RMG Housing has assembled a team of committed professionals who all share the goal of developing affordable and workforce housing for those utmost in need.

Our evolution has seen our mission expand from supportive housing for unhoused to providing community workers with affordable housing options.

Steering RMG Housing's Vision: Leaders with a Legacy.

RMG’s co-founders Tim Roth and Mo Zahrawi began their journey in 2018 to create a company committed to creating housing solutions for people in need.

Mo Zahrawi

Mo has more than 20 years of real estate investment and development experience. He has acquired and developed over 6,000 multi-family units and managed over $1 billion in project costs.

Tim Roth

Tim has over 30 years of real estate investments, development and construction experience. He is a general contractor and the Principal of TRG Construction.

David Lopes-Grunwald

Executive Vice President
David has been leading efforts to provide housing and supportive services for thousands of housing-challenged families and individuals since 1989. He is an expert in affordable housing development and operations.

Charting Our Path: Milestones

Units of housing under development
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Number of units RMG intends to develop by 2033
Invested in existing developments
$ 0 Million
Successful strategic collaborations with pubic agencies, community organizations and faith-based communities.
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Why RMG Stands Out

Experience Exceptional Service with Our Comprehensive Housing Solutions.

Expertise and Experience

Our team has over 90 years of combined multi-family real estate and affordable housing development experience - we know what we are doing and we execute with credibility and confidence.

Committed to Collaboration

We are committed to achieving what we promise and collaborate with community stakeholder, faith-based organizations, public agencies, service organizations and investors to ensure our mission and financial goals are realized.

Meeting the Need

At RMG Housing we are committed to developing over 10,000 units of affordable and workforce housing over the next decade and are employing effective scalable strategies to catalyze the necessary development.

Key Partners & Stakeholders

Impact & Outreach

Witness the magnitude of our mission. We’re dedicated to creating 10,000 homes for people who need them and also providing jobs, economic opportunities and supportive services to help people and communities thrive.

A Transformative
Approach to Housing

RMG Housing isn’t just about providing roofs. We have initiated collaborations with churches and local communities to establish organizations like the Los Angeles Manpower Empowerment Partnership (MEPLA) that enhance employment opportunities and rejuvenate neighborhoods. Through our strategic actions, we’ve brought about transformative changes, ensuring communities not only have homes but also thrive with belongingness and security.

Crafting Communities, Influencing Lives.

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