RMG Housing, LLC, based in Los Angeles, CA, is a developer of permanent supportive housing for those with mental and physical disabilities. RMG partners with religious entities to help them un-tap their land potential by building efficient, cost effective projects, while also helping to solve the homeless crises of Los Angeles. RMG’s service provider, Homeless Healthcare of Los Angeles, provides fulltime supportive services to each of the tenants.

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329 Pacific Coast Highway Hermosa Beach




Planned for 56 permanent supportive housing units for former homeless

Supportive Services: Provided by Homeless Healthcare of Los Angeles

Fulltime caseworkers on-site

Amenities provided inside sanctuary:

Community room and computer lab for residents and local neighborhood


Land Partner: Bethel AME Church has been in South Los Angeles for over 100 years and is a legacy church with the deepest of roots in community and area. Bethel’s focus is on senior ministry with a co-focus on services for the homeless. With over 600 members spread out across the LA County Area, Bethel is known as a church anchored in the local community with a regional membership. Bethel is looking forward to leading a development project on its site that creates a nurturing, supportive home and community for those struggling with lack of dignified, affordable housing.