RMG Housing, LLC, based in Los Angeles, CA, is a developer of permanent supportive housing for those with mental and physical disabilities. RMG partners with religious entities to help them un-tap their land potential by building efficient, cost effective projects, while also helping to solve the homeless crises of Los Angeles. RMG’s service provider, Homeless Healthcare of Los Angeles, provides fulltime supportive services to each of the tenants.

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329 Pacific Coast Highway Hermosa Beach



10400 S. SAN PEDRO

Phase 1 planned for 56 permanent supportive housing units for former homeless; a future Phase 2 will consists of another 56 units.

Supportive Services: Provided by Homeless Healthcare of Los Angeles

One fulltime caseworkers on-site for every 15-20 tenants


Community room and computer lab for residents and local neighborhood


Open space

Land Partner: Southside Bethel Baptist Church has been an integral member of the South East Los Angeles Community for over 85 years, acting as an anchor and mainstay through changing demographics by providing a safe haven for the youth to be educated and flourish into adults. SSBBC has over 300 active members and is welcoming the prospect of being being a part of spearheading the new PSH development further deepening their ties to the community.